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What Questions Should I Ask a Potential Divorce Lawyer?

While your needs and wants will likely be different from someone else’s, there are a few common goals that you should discuss with a lawyer. For example, are you interested in getting a share of the business equity of the other spouse? Do you want to limit your ex’s driving while your child is in their custody? Do you want to avoid leaving bad memories for your child of the divorce?

Do you have experience negotiating financial support or divorce settlements?

When negotiating your financial settlement, you’ll want to use simple language. Short sentences will help you concisely make your points. And don’t say something you won’t accept – instead, state what’s reasonable and possible. An excellent way to buy time is to start your conversation with ‘what if’ and ‘what else?’ It will ensure that you have time to think through your options.

While the process of negotiating a divorce settlement is usually a stressful and emotional time, there are many things to consider before you sign anything. Financial matters and divorce settlements involve life-changing decisions, so you need to consult with While emotions can make it difficult, if you do your homework and keep peace of mind, you’ll be able to get the best settlement possible for both of you. If you’re considering divorce, it’s essential to have a lawyer with experience negotiating divorce settlements.

Do you practice collaborative divorce?

To practice collaborative divorce, the parties must first talk to one another and decide on their goals. Collaborative divorce requires the spouses to put aside aggressiveness and work towards a mutually acceptable agreement. Sometimes, this process is necessary when one spouse is highly aggressive. For this reason, hiring a lawyer who understands and appreciates the collaborative process is best. This process also involves the use of mediation and other alternatives to litigation.

The process of collaborative divorce involves face-to-face negotiation. During this process, the attorneys and parties communicate their proposals, which they both sign. During a collaborative divorce, they can move past “positional” bargaining – trading offers that result in a “winner” and “loser” – and focus instead on an interest-based method of negotiating. The collaborative approach enables parties to resolve common problems more flexibly and at less expense.

Choosing the right attorney is crucial when it comes to your divorce. It is essential to select an attorney with courtroom experience and whose approach matches yours. While some attorneys practice collaborative divorce, others choose a more confrontational approach. Finding an attorney who shares your values and comfort level is vital. A divorce can be a stressful and financially risky experience, and you need an attorney who will treat you with respect.

Do you have experience negotiating child custody and child support issues?

The child’s well-being is paramount, and you must get along with the other parent. Reaching a compromise can be difficult, but it is the gift that will benefit your children the most. You may also need to seek counselling, therapy, or mediation to reach a settlement that works for both parties. 

Child custody and child support negotiations can be stressful and contentious. However, a lawyer can explain the process and assist you with negotiations. The goal is to make the children’s transition as easy as possible. As a parent, your job is to protect your children from the worst consequences of a divorce. Hiring a child support lawyer ensures that your children receive the best care possible and can move forward with their lives.

If you and your ex split up, you may have begun seeing new people. But this could be a red flag for the judge. The court wants a stable environment for the children, so allowing new partners around them may be considered dangerous for their well-being. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid the temptation to let your ex-partner have a new relationship with someone unfamiliar with the kids.

It is important to remember that no custody or child support agreement is permanent. The amount of child support you are paying today may not be sufficient tomorrow. Child custody with one parent may be unsuitable after a year. Always remember that the children should have both parents present for them. It is vital to remember that the children are not bargaining chips and should never be used as a weapon in a divorce dispute.

If you have any questions about your case, it is best to seek legal help from an experienced divorce lawyer. These professionals understand the local court system and can help you make the best custody and child support agreement possible. They can advise you on the best schedule and work to reach an agreement. If the two of you can’t agree, you may need to go back to court to make your case.

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