Lawpatten law firm houston

patten law firm houston

The houston law firm has a great website for free law lessons: www.houstonlaw.

patten law firm is no longer offering free lessons, but they do have a new website at The website has been revamped, and the old logo has been retired. The new logo is a sort of “garden” look which seems appropriate for a legal practice that is so important to this city. The website’s main page has a more professional feel, and the graphics are better.

Our main page is also a little more professional. There are a couple of new graphics, and the old logo looks much better. But the main page is mostly just about the law office itself, which is nice.

The new look is a bit different, and in many ways the old logo is still the best. The old logo was a bit of a joke as the law firm was founded in 1969, and we wanted to remind people what our legal world looked like in those days. The new logo seems like it was taken from a real place, and the old logo seems like it was taken from a real place, and it’s better for that.

It’s very nice to have a logo, and as a matter of fact, a lot of things in common are on display as well. The new logo looks slightly different, and there seems to be some kind of history to it.The new logo looks like the old logo, and it’s more like a new logo. This means that the logo on the old one is actually the same as the new one.

What is the new logo? I can’t see the one on the new one, but I can see the other one on the old one.

That’s probably because they’re actually the same logo. The first one was originally the old logo, and the second one is the new one. It’s also worth noting that the new logo is actually a different color than the old one. So the new logo is actually more a generic red.

So what is the new logo? The old one was a red, the new one is a blue. I know the difference in color is not as relevant, but it’s worth pointing out for those of you who don’t know what a color red is.

A color red is a color that has a certain saturation. A red is a color with a relatively high amount of red in it. For example, a red is a color with a saturation of 25. So a red can be thought of as a very bright, very saturated color. A red is the color for a fire that burns very quickly. A red is the color for a fire that burns very, very quickly.