How To Get The Most Out Of Your Laser Tape Measure

Laser Tape Measure

Sometimes, there’s not a lot of need to bring the smartest of today’s technological advancements to the most tried and tested of tools.  The basic axe, for instance, looks similar today compared to a whole 1000 years ago – with its cutting head and handle.  A canoe from 50,000 years ago bears a striking resemblance to a modern kayak, Lineman’s pliers are essentially the same today compared to 1850 – and the list goes on and on.  In other areas, though, today’s tools and technologies have undergone much more radical transformations, like the first abacas from ancient China ultimately morphing into the modern laptop – or the humble tape measure becoming today’s laser tape measure.

Of course, a standard analogical tape measure still belongs in the modern tool box – and its coiled up metal roll bearing those physical measurement markings still ensure a handy, manual and precise job can be done without needing electrical complexities or a power source.

But that doesn’t mean the laser tape measure isn’t a modern marvel.  Indeed, while an analogical tape measure’s length is obviously quite limited, the laser beam can hit its target up to a couple of hundred metres away – and are still accurate over that distance to within a millimetre or two.  Using one is also no less simple than its non-powered relation; in fact, the main difference is that all the user needs to do is ‘point and shoot’ rather than go through the familiar manual routine of rolling out the metal tape – and perhaps needing someone to help at the other end of a long stretch.  With the button hit, the on-board computer and the processes of precision optics and laser physics automatically calculate the distances for you, handily displaying it on the screen and even easily adding multiple measurements to the mix.

Do you love innovation and all the ways it makes life better, easier and more productive at work?  If the answer is yes but you’re still unconvinced a laser tape measure really is worth the few extra pounds on the budget, read on to discover when the ultra-modern version is the obvious pick:

1. No ladder required

When standing on a chair won’t do it, you’ll have to get the ladder out for those vertical analogical measurements.  Not with a laser tape measure!

2. No obstacles

A clear physical line of travel is also necessary for the manual tape measure, but with the laser product there’s no obstacle worth worrying about to block the measurement process.

3. Continuous measurement

The non-laser iteration is obviously an A-to-B measurement tool.  The laser tape measure, however, can be put into continuous measurement mode and effectively ‘scan’ an area you’re pointing at.  The device can then record maximum and minimum measurement values, including a room’s diagonal, horizontal and vertical distances all in a single fell swoop.

4. Add/subtract values

Similarly, after a single measurement is taken, it’s easy to ‘point and shoot’ again to add a second value to the displayed figure.  No longer need that added value?  Hit the subtract button and it’s gone again.

5. Calculations

Don’t forget, a laser tape measure isn’t just a measurement tool – it’s also a calculation device or computer.  For instance, once a room’s length, width and height are recorded, it’s not a stretch for many laser tape measures to calculate that room’s volume.

6. Historical data

With a regular tape measure, you’ll also need paper and a pen to write down those critical values.  The latest range of laser tape measures, however, record and save historical measurement data for you.

The laser tape measure is a prime example of hanging onto the ease-of-use and basic functionality of its traditional technological ancestor, and only making life easier and faster with time and effort-saving innovations.  From real estate agents to electricians, construction experts to plumbers, HVAC technicians to surveyors and beyond, the laser tape measure has more than earned its place in the tool box.  Keen to grab yours today?  Ask our industry guides at RS to help you make the perfect pick for your needs and budget from the impressive and growing range today.


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