Here’s A Quick Way To Solve The Blockchain Promotion Problem

Blockchains are often promoted as a way to promote the decentralization and fairness of economies. Unfortunately, one thing it doesn’t do is promote ICO marketing those with access to capital. The blockchain promotion problem is that people who have financial means gain an insurmountable advantage because they can invest in the blockchain early on, when it has relatively little value, and make enormous profits. This leaves those without money out of luck — they can’t get access to the investments, which makes it difficult for them to build wealth through cryptocurrencies that are based on blockchains.

1. The blockchain promotion problem is a result of investors having the ability to buy into blockchains early on when they have relatively little value. In the beginning, there may be only a few people in the world who understand what blockchains are, and that knowledge is not evenly spread. The reason knowledge of this technology is unevenly spread is because few people have money to invest in these early days. This means there will be few buyers for these early investments, which sets up a situation where those with money — investors — will have an advantage over those without it.

2. Investors have an advantage over non-investors because they have access to capital. Capital is the means by which one obtains what one needs to secure advantages in life. In this case, it’s access to investments in the blockchain early on when those investments have little value. Both the cryptocurrencies and blockchain are new technologies that are still being developed and understood by a small number of people. Those who understand it and can buy into the blockchain early on have an advantage over those who don’t, because they gain access to more fundamentally valuable tokens sooner than those who don’t invest until later.

3. Investors have an advantage over non-investors because they can buy into the blockchain and make money earlier. This will be a problem even if investors have little to no real money, because they can simply use their knowledge of this technology to identify opportunities and time the market in advance. People without capital can’t do this — they simply don’t know about it until later when there is a higher demand for tokens. News approved site is here.

4. Investors are better able to buy into tokens that are based on blockchains early on. Non-investors don’t have access to these investments, so they rely on riskier ways of building wealth, such as gambling or arbitrage schemes that are usually illegal or not optimal in terms of efficiency.

5. There are situations where people with little capital can compete more fairly, but these situations are not common and don’t apply to large-scale economic systems. One example of a situation where non-investors have an advantage is small games or systems where the population is largely alike and the demographics are known. It’s possible that in these scenarios, those without money could compete equally with those who do have it by using arbitrage schemes, but it would require a lot of work and knowledge.

6. For most blockchains, there will be no way for people without capital to compete on equal terms as those who invest in the blockchain early on. Even if there are situations where this can happen, the blockchain doesn’t have the capacity to scale well enough to win in these types of scenarios. This is because blockchains grow and expand over time, which limits the amount of capital that investors who get in early have access to manual link building.

7. There are solutions for some of these problems. Existing blockchains — like Ethereum — have slowly been addressing one or more of these problems by allowing investors to invest from a wider range of countries and times, or by granting early access based on contributions or skills rather than wealth alone, but they still don’t solve all of them.

8. Crypto currencies that are based on blockchains don’t allow those without capital to compete on equality with those who invest early. Those without money can’t buy into these tokens, and the ones that do have it will have an advantage in terms of prices since there are fewer of them.

9. It is possible to circumvent the issue of unequal investment opportunities through some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, but it will come at a cost. For example: Bitcoin uses a Proof-of-Work algorithm, which requires more electricity than Proof-of-Stake based algorithms. The cost of mining Bitcoin is high because of this, which will exclude those without capital from being able to participate.

10. There are a few circumstances where those without means can compete fairly with investors: a) Blockchains that aren’t based on Proof-of-Work algorithms and/or don’t require large amounts of energy, b) don’t need miners at all, or c) are otherwise distributed to allow for investor equality. Examples include the Veritaseum token (which trades for about $20 million ), the DigixDAO tokens (which trade for about $30 million ), and DAC tokens (which trade for about $6 million ).

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