Do’s And Don’ts When Writing A Resume

The job industry is very competitive. If you want to get into the position that you want, more than being average is required. You must have a distinctive feature that makes you unique or special from others. Applying for a job is very hard since many other people are applying for the same company and the same position. There will always be people who have greater experience than you or who are simply better than you. That is why you should focus on standing out to catch the hiring manager’s eye. 

The resume is one of the most important documents you have to submit since it contains all the information they need. The hiring managers will read other applicants’ resumes too, so they do not have time for a plain and badly written resume since they won’t read them thoroughly. They will simply skim through it. If you are not used to writing resumes, you can look for examples of resumes online and refer to them as a guide. Here is a short list of do’s and don’ts when writing your resume. 


  1. Write your resume with good quality. Do not just make a general resume that you can reuse. Tailor it according to the job description. Make each resume unique. GO back to the job description and add the relevant keywords. A lot of companies nowadays use ATS or an applicant tracking system to make job hiring faster. The ATS looks for certain keywords, so you must include the relevant keywords to have a high rank.
  2. Write your resume in a way that is easy to read. Again, the hiring managers will just skim through it, so make sure that the important information is easy to spot. Layout them properly so that they won’t be displeasing to the eyes. Also, avoid lengthy paragraphs; keep them short.
  3. Make an outline and draft it first. Just writing on the spot increases the chance of you forgetting important details. It may also end up messy and unorganized, so always make an outline first.
  4. Include your responsibilities in your previous positions.
  5. Use the correct resume format. See what format best fits your situation. Certain formats are good for those who have gaps in their employment or for those who do not have a lot of experience. Use the correct format so that your strengths will be highlighted.
  6. Include the certifications and other awards you received. Just prioritize the ones that are important and relevant for the position.
  7. Use a professional email. Use your name. Do not use email addresses like Always use your professional accounts when dealing with work.


  1. Do not put too many details. Always remember that hiring managers will not read it all, so they would not like a lengthy resume. Only put the important details. You can add supporting details that can help show your personality but make sure that all those are relevant. Keep it short, about one page.
  2. Don’t make a general or boring intro. Start off good
  3. Don’t forget about the education sector. A lot of applicants focus on their previous experience only. Adding information about your education will definitely help.
  4. Don’t just put all the skills you have. List your skills strategically. Highlight the ones that the hiring managers are looking for and are needed for the job.
  5. Don’t brag. Avoid saying things like “ I am the best…”. Just let your credentials speak for yourself.
  6. Don’t forget to add your charity and volunteer work. Leave a separate resection for this sector.
  7. Never forget about your contact information. Check it thrice and make sure that all the information is correct. All the numbers are complete, the capitalizations are correct, and you are using the latest contact information.
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