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How to Master Are Math Classes Beneficial for Your Child?  in 6 Simple Steps

Your child is not alone if they have difficulty with math. Math is an extremely difficult topic for many children. Even as adults, many of us still break out in a cold sweat when we hear the word math. But it’s not as much a frightening topic as it seems. Math may become a topic your child not only excels in, but also looks forward to, with some extra help from math classes, doing math homework, and studying for exams. 

Finding a math tutor who can guide your child through difficult subjects is one effective method to get there. Math classes are ideal for students who want to benefit from additional practice outside of class or who wish to improve their current math abilities. 

What is the Advantage of Taking Math Classes? 

Advantages of Taking Math classes are:

  • A student can excel at discovering Maths and gain a deeper understanding of the ideas. A team of expert tutors will produce effective notes to clarify concepts so that the student can solve Math problems.
  • The students will undoubtedly begin to recognize the concepts more clearly.
  • Degree tutors with experience in the subject will undoubtedly help students develop their application skills. With one-on-one instruction, trainees could fare substantially better in the assessment.
  • A reputable company will have pre-registered tutors, and you can chat with the agency to discuss your specific requirements. Hundreds of tutors will undoubtedly be available through the agency, and the management will select a tutor who is appropriate for your child.
  • The tuition center will keep track of the child’s performance as well as his or her improvement. As a result, you may be aware of it from time to time.

Best Math Classes for Your Child

The number of online math classes and tutors in India has exploded in recent years. As a result, there are numerous online math classes to pick from. 

  • Cuemath is one of the best learning apps; its online math classes help students understand math concepts in a fun and straightforward manner.
  • BYJU’S is an edTech firm and the creator of a school learning app in India. BYJU’s math classes are designed in such an interesting manner that kids won’t find learning math boring or awful.
  • SplashLearn is a well-known game-based learning platform that makes learning easy and enjoyable for students. Splash Learn is the ideal combination of fun and learning in a K-5 school environment.

How Long do Cuemath Online and Offline Math Classes last and How Much do They Cost? 

Cuemath offers 1-hour sessions for both online and offline learning. The cost of a course in India is determined by the location, the child’s grade, and the length of registration. Costs for kids in grades KG-6th usually start at Rs.1,600 a month, while prices for students in 7th to 8th grade start at Rs.83 per day and fees for students in 9th-10th grade start at Rs.106 per day. 

How to Calculate Percentage? 

The percentage is defined as the amount or part of every hundred. It’s a fraction with 100 as the denominator, and the sign for it is “per cent.” 

To Calculate percentage of a whole in terms of 100 is called percentage calculation. 

  • The unitary technique is used.  – Adjust the given fraction’s denominator to a hundred. 
  • Note that if the denominator( the number given below in the fraction) is not a factor of 100, you cannot apply the second technique of calculating the percentage though you may use the unitary technique in such a case. 

Example 1:Calculate 5% of 500 using the formula


  • 500/100 x 5 = 25 
  • As a result, 5% of 500 equals 25%. 

If you are seeking the finest math classes for your child, Cuemath is one of the greatest learning apps.