5 Tools to Help Real Estate Agencies Close a Deal

Real Estate Agencies

As a real estate agent, you constantly look for new clients, properties, and ways to connect with people ready to buy. But once you make that all-important connection and bring them on board as a client, things can get a little trickier.

To close the deal successfully, your real estate agency needs tools to streamline processes such as lead management, CRM, document storage and collaboration, workflow automation, and reporting. Read on to discover some helpful suggestions for organizing your real estate agency so you can close more deals in less time.

1. SoftPro

SoftPro is among the most helpful tools to help real estate agencies close deals. It is a solution from Softpro Corporation that handles leading-edge Application Development, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence, and Web Technology for the financial services, healthcare, and real estate industries. It provides solutions for software developers to build custom-made applications efficiently without diving too deeply into the various technologies involved.

SoftPro allows users to view project management tasks in a simple dashboard format. To make this process even more accessible, SoftPro’s team of expert consultants has also integrated standard CRM applications like Salesforce.com and Procore with SoftPro. That allows agents to track leads, manage clients, and get detailed information on their deals.

Another handy feature of SoftPro is its integration with Google Maps. It can be used by real estate agents when contacting people looking for properties or buying homes in a particular area. Agents add all possible contacts on Google maps by just typing in the address where they want their potential customers to look up for property listings, etc.

2. Easysoft

Easysoft is another real estate closing software that is practical to agents. Its easy interface enables users to edit and modify property submission forms and upload all necessary documents. It also allows agents to call up all the past clients they have been dealing with online, review their credit history and keep up with their payment history.

The software is developed in response to the need for more accessible software that simplifies closing procedures. That makes the closing process much more effective and less stressful for agents and buyers alike.

3. RamQuest

It is a complete software package for real estate agents. One of the significant features of this tool is its ability to redo up to 25 transactions simultaneously. Furthermore, it also allows agents to review past transactions and download essential documents an agent may need.

It also allows agents to create their reports by categories or transaction type and get all the archived records in a single, easy-to-use format. RamQuest is also developed with ease in mind. It has a straightforward interface and guides agents step by step through the closing process.

4. Rio Genesis

The software is another leading real estate agent’s software version. It works similarly to RamQuest, but with a different feature set. One feature that distinguishes Rio Genesis from the rest is its ability to let agents run their real estate business almost like a business. The agent can keep track of all their cash flow and budgets and work with different vendors to reduce expenses.

Rio Genesis also provides agents with information about buyers and relays essential details about each transaction. The software also allows real estate agents to create and run their reports. It is built around making custom reports, but it is possible to create reports with up to 12 variables simultaneously. Rio Genesis is designed to work as a base for future expansion by adding additional features.

5. Dotloop

Dotloop is the latest technology and one of the market’s newest real estate agent software programs. It is a cloud-based software allowing agents to work with clients from desktops, mobile devices, or tablets. That makes it easy for agents to log onto the system anywhere with an internet connection. Agents can create reports and do other things with ease.

Dotloop also has an online portal that personalizes websites and emails and allows agents to review client information on their phones or tablets. Dotloop’s customizable dashboards enable users to create a dashboard specific to their business use by displaying all information they need at a glance.

Bottom Line

Running a real estate company is not easy. It takes a lot of effort and time, which is why you need to get tools that streamline the process. The best agents know how to find the right tools to help them. They stay updated with all the latest methodologies and technologies to keep up with their competition.


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