Health4 Long-Term Consequences Of Getting A DUI Conviction

4 Long-Term Consequences Of Getting A DUI Conviction

A DUI offense, or driving under the influence, is one of the most common criminal offenses in the United States. Most drivers who get a DUI are conscientious and ethical individuals with clean records who made a mistake just this one unfortunate time and couldn’t bring themselves to control.

Not only does getting convicted for a DUI have implications on one’s personal life, but it also has serious ramifications on one’s professional life. While the short-term implications of a DUI conviction include a suspended license and fines, the long-term consequences are more severe.

Long after you have fulfilled all your legal obligations for a drunk driving conviction, you will continue to experience shock waves in your life owing to a DUI conviction staying on your record. To protect yourself and your loved ones from hurt or suffering, given below are four long-term consequences of getting a DUI conviction: 

1. Future Employment Prospects

In addition to your current job getting affected due to court dates, jail time, and community service, the prospects of your employment also get hampered. Job seekers with a DUI are at a severe disadvantage in comparison to applicants with clean records in all industries, and in especially those jobs that require you to drive a vehicle. While your employer cannot downright deny you a job based on a DUI, it does lower your chances of landing the position.

2. Background Checks

Whether you are applying for a new job, a scholarship, or seeking admission to your dream institution, the party on the receiving end of your application is likely going to conduct a background check. A felony or a DUI on your background check is a very big red flag that is not going to go unnoticed while the party gives their decision. Admission and financial aid committees do not take kindly to DUI convictions. A background check could also be brought about when you are seeking a place to live and your landlord conducts a background check.

3. Poor Personal Relationships 

In the long run, a DUI conviction can cause your family and friends to look down upon you. A DUI conviction signifies extremely irresponsible conduct and indicates that not only do you not care about your safety but also aren’t mindful of others on the road. Your family members may also begin to doubt your driving skills and be constantly worried about you. Your loved ones could be overly attentive towards your behavior which might get annoying for you after a certain time and cause a hindrance in your relationships.

4. Rates For Auto Insurance

After a DUI conviction, the rates for your automobile insurance are likely going to significantly increase as drivers with a DUI are categorized as high-risk. High-risk drivers are supposed to have a higher insurance premium to protect that insurance agency and its finances in case of an unfortunate event. For at least 2-3 years following your conviction, your insurance premium is likely to double in amount. Insurance companies may also choose to terminate your insurance program altogether.